Trasimeno Lake, the largest body of water in Central Italy and the fourth largest in the country, is a calm and relaxing getaway in the picturesque Umbrian countryside. The soft colours and contours of the surrounding hills evoke the most famous backgrounds of frescos created by the artist Perugino. The heart-shaped lake, with a circumference of 45 km and a depth not more than 6 metres offers visitors the choice of taking enjoyable walks through towns such as Tuoro, Passignano and Castiglione del Lago or making relaxing visits to islands that emerge softly from the waters of the lake. The three islands (Maggiore, Minore and Polvese) can be reached by public boat service or by private boats or speedboats available for hire.


This picturesque village is situated in a fabulous panoramic location on the lake. Known for its terracotta dishes glazed in the traditional local style, Castel Rigone is home to a castle rebuilt in 1297 and the elegant church Madonna dei Miracoli (Madonna of the Miracles), one of the most important Renaissance architectural monuments in Umbria. One can venture out of the village on horseback, mountain bike or even on foot through the forests and surrounding olive groves, nestled in an uncontaminated environment that is rich with typical flora and Mediterranean fauna.


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The entire perimeter of the lake is home to numerous interesting small towns worth visiting for both their historical and cultural heritage. They can be easily visited on a day trip thanks to their close proximity to one another. The town of Tuoro, known for the infamous battle between Hannibal’s Carthaginian army and the Roman army of Caio Flaminio, Passignano with its Medieval walls, Magione and the Castello dei Cavalieri di Malta (Castle of the Knights of Malta), Panicale with its ancient Medieval castle that holds a vast number of paintings from the XIV and XV century and the Castiglione del Lago historical residence of the Della Corgna family. This itinerary allows the visitor to rediscover the antique traces of the past together with places that are still genuinely and authentically tied to rural life.


The strategically central position of the lake within Central Italy allows visitors to easily reach the largest cities in Italy. Within a 50 km range one can visit the historic cities of Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Todi, Gubbio, Città di Castello and Arezzo. Within a slightly larger range of approximately 100-150 km the grand cities of art such as Florence and Rome can be reached. The Trasimeno Lake area is conveniently connected to the rest of Central Italy by an efficient network of roads, highways and railways.
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